Don’t Ruin that Sweet Ride: Best Bike Rack for SUV

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Whether you are an experienced biker or a newcomer, if you have to transport your bike on your SUV then you must have a high quality bike rack for SUV to make transportation safe and easy. It can be overwhelming selecting which is the best bike rack to purchase as there’s many different varieties of carriers all with their own distinct benefits.

Buying a suitable bike rack depends on a number of factors including weight and model of the bike and height of your vehicle. More information about different types of bike racks for SUV is provided in our article below.

Comparing the Best Bike Carriers

Our bike rack reviews of all the different types of carriers will help you choose the perfect bike racks. Different models of bike carriers include roof mounted bike rack, rear mounted bike racks and bike racks for pickups and cars. Rear mounted bike racks are also available in three types including hitch mounted, trunk mounted and spare tire mounted. In order to buy your perfect bike carrier you should go through the hitch mount bike rack reviews provided here under. These hitch bike rack reviews will introduce with the features and benefits of these devices to carry your bike safely during your journey.

Buying the Best SUV Bike Rack

While buying a bike rack for your SUV you should consider the features and benefits of the various models which you can use to transport your bike.
The Surco BT300 Spare Tire Rack review provided here under will help you in choosing a suitable bike rack for your bike as well as vehicle. Surco BT300 Spare Tire Rack is manufactured in the USA, and can be installed on most spare tire housings via its heavy duty mounting plate. The carrier is perfect for families as it can transport up to three bikes at a time. The non-scratching padded channel of the bike rack can grip your bikes safely while transporting on your vehicle to avoid the wheel spinning. The top locking plate of the bike carrier secures your bikes safely to the tire rack. Surco have manufactured the carrier from heavy duty steel with a durable finishing coat of black powder.
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Storage when the rack isn’t in use is simple with its fold or collapse design for compact storage inside your vehicle. You should use Surco BT300 Spare Tire Rack carefully as it extends the length of your vehicle which can increase the possibility of collision, especially while reversing your vehicle. It may also cover the license plate of your vehicle along with back-up sensors and brake lights. So always be careful while reversing your vehicle with the bike rack attached.

Buying the Best Hitch Bike Rack

If you want to buy the a great trailer hitch bike rack for your SUV or trailer, then you should consider the Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack reviewed here. You can be confident your buying the best hitch cargo carrier for your bike after reading our review.
best hitch bike rackAllen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack is ideal for carrying two bikes at the same time during camping or road trips. It fits your bikes to the vehicle with the help of 1 ¼ and 2 inch receiver hitches without using any wobble bolt. It keeps you bike stable and safe through its receivers and tie-down cradle system which mount your bike tightly to prevent swinging. One of the major benefits of this bike rack is that it can accommodate bikes with a wide range of designs and frame sizes. To make the lift-gate access easy you can tilt this bike rack. It prevents losing parts of your bike through the retainer clips attached to the carrier. It can carry maximum weight up to 70 pounds. It also keeps your vehicle safe as the bikes are held away from it. The bike rack also lowers the risk of theft as it locks your bike securely to the hitch. In order to make it the most durable and the best hitch mount bike rack its frame has been covered in a black powder coat finish which reduces the possibility of scratches.

Buying the Best Car Bike Rack

If you are planning to buy the a bike rack for your car then continue reading the review provided below. Hollywood Racks Express Trunk Mounted Bike Rack reviewed in this write-up can help you with buying the best trunk bike rack which will keep your bike safe in any condition.
best car bike rackThe user friendly hub adjustment system of the Hollywood Racks Express Trunk Mounted Bike Rack allows you to carry three bikes on your vehicle at a time. It is easy to install on your vehicle as it comes in assembled condition. The soft cradles of this bike rack keep the finish of your bike safe for long time. It provides extra on-road security to your bikes with the help of the integrated tie-down straps provided with it. It is specially designed to fit any vehicle so you need not worry about the size of your vehicle while buying the best bike racks for cars. You can use it either with hatchbacks, SUV, minivans or sedans as it is versatile and compatible to all of them. It is provided with limited lifetime warranty by the manufacturer to ensure the quality of the product. It can be folded up flat to store easily in your vehicle when not in use. Low cost, easily portable and will truly keep your bikes safe are some of the other fantastic features of this bike rack which make it one of the best.


We hope after reading our reviews provided in this article you can confidently buy the best bike rack for your SUV. So, if you love nature and want to enjoy the great outdoors on your bicycle a bike rack will make for a great investment.