The No. 1 Most Effective Car Vacuuming Routine

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As a vehicle owner, you must take on a few additional responsibilities. You must perform daily checks on the vehicle. It is also imperative to make sure that your vehicle has the appropriate fuel and oil levels. Although these are fairly easy, there is one thing that is a little more strenuous. Vacuuming your vehicle is never fun, but you must do it occasionally. Everyone will take a different appropriate to this activity. Below, you will discover one of the most efficient ways to clean your vehicle.

Things You Will Need

Before you jump right in, you should make a list of items that you’re going to need. Below, you will find a list for your convenience.

  • Garbage bags for your trash
  • Your vacuum cleaner and attachments
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Bucket of water
  • Glass cleaner
  • Soap or carpet cleaner
  • A scrub brush

Once you’ve gotten all of your supplies together, you will want to proceed below.

Cleaning Out Your Vehicle

First and foremost, you should make sure to clean out your vehicle. Get all of your belongings out of the vehicle’s interior and also clean out the trunk. Make sure that you throw all of the trash into the garbage bag, so it can be disposed of very easily. Be sure to remove the floor mats and place them outside of the vehicle for the time being.

Wipe Everything Down

Although many people believe that it is best to vacuum the vehicle first, this isn’t necessarily the case. First, you should wipe down the dashboard and clean the windows with your glass cleaner. This should be done first, because wiping it down later could cause the dust and debris to fall onto the vacuum, which would defeat the purpose.

Vacuuming Large Spaces

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Afterwards, you will want to make sure to pull out your cordless car vacuum cleaner. You should start with the biggest surfaces first. Cleaning the seats, before moving to the floor is a good idea. Don’t forget about vacuuming the vehicle’s ceiling too!

Using Attachments

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Take a good look at the design of your vehicles interior. As you can see, it has some small hidden crevices that can be very difficult to reach with the traditional end of the vacuum hose. You will need to make frequent attachment changes, so you can reach deep into these areas. Utilize the long, thin crevice tool to vacuum the small debris and dirt from tight areas.

The brush attachment can be used to scrub the debris from the carpet, which will also provide a deep clean.

Stain Remover

Once you vacuum the carpets and mats, you will need to work diligently to remove the set-in stains. You may need to utilize a stain remover spray and some muscle power to get rid of the stain completely. You will also need a stiff scrubbing brush in order to break up the stain and reach deep down into the carpet. Make sure that you rinse the leftover blotch, so nothing is left behind to cause grief later on down the road.

Clean and Replace The Mats

Since you’ve already removed the floor mats, they should be easy accessible outside of the car. Grab your vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum the mats, before returning them to your vehicle. If any stains are present, you will want to make to remove the stains and allow the mats to dry completely, before returning them to the vehicle.


Dispose of The Garbage

Finally, you will want to make sure to dispose of the garbage bags. You can easily throw this in your garbage can or you can take it to the local landfill. Either option is fine.



Overall, you should make sure to follow all of the steps above. This will help to ensure that the process is much easier and that your vehicle is perfectly cleaned, once you’re done!


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