Fiat 500L MPW

We previously picked the Fiat 500L MPW as one of our favorite 7 passenger vehicles. Now we’re going to breakdown exactly why it has remained one of our favorites over the past year.

General Overview

When we first found out about the Fiat 500L MPW, we found this cool video by Fiat:

The MPW comes in 7 different body colors, 9 bi-color combinations, and 3 alloy wheel colors. So, now 2 Fiats will looks the same.

Size, space, and comfort

Fiat’s famous line is “maximum comfort, minimum dimensions,” and it’s spot on for the 500L.

As we mentioned above you have the option of 5 or 7 seats. The configuration is 2 front seats, 3 middle seats, and 2 back seats. Both of the back seats are removable, which gives you the option to carry 5 passengers and turn the back into a nice luggage compartment. In this configuration the 500L MPW has one of the largest boots in its category, coming in at 638 liters of cargo space (or “Cargo Magic Space” as Fiat calls it).

In addition to the extra cargo storage in the back, it also has 22 (yes, 22!) storage compartments throughout the rest of the vehicle.

Safety Features

One of the most important aspects of a family vehicle is safety. How does the Fiat stack up?

Well, with 6 airbags the Fiat does a good job of putting safety first.

In addition, there’s a bunch of other fancy acronyms that the auto industry (and specific car manufacturers) have invented to impress consumers.  Here’s what you can expect in the MPW:

  • ESC. Electronic stability control system.
  • ASR/MSR. Anti-slip functions for optimal grip on any surface.
  • ABS. Anti-lock braking system.
  • EBD. Electronic brakeforce distribution.
  • ERM. Rollover mitigation device.
  • DST. Electronic active steering.
  • TPMS. Tire pressure monitoring system.

Performance and pleasure

We’ve looked at customizability, storage, comfort, and safety. But what about performance or entertainment?

Well, Fiat categorizes their entertainment features as “infotainment,” which includes Uconnect 5” Radio System with the following features:

  • Color touchscreen that will also integrate seamlessly with your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • AM/FM Radio
  • CD player with digital and analog tuning
  • External device support (USB)
  • Real time tips for improving driving style based on how you drive around town
  • Navigation system (developed with TomTOm)

As for performance there is an option five engines, all of which are Euro 6 compliant and anticipated possibilities of 62.8 mpg!

Final Thoughts

There are other 7 seaters with a little more space, but the Fiat 500L MPW is the full package, and one of the leaders in Europe and America for popularizing form and function in a compact space.