Ford Grand C-Max Review

The new Ford Grand C-Max is not a 7 seater. Well at least not in the traditional sense, according to Ford it’s a 6 + 1 seater. You may be forgiven for thinking, 6 + 1 sounds like a 7 seater to me, but Ford have good reason for calling out the difference.

To a family of four space and practicality are the main criteria in the hunt for a new car. The Ford Grand C-Max has both in abundance. But the really clever bit is in the way they make the rearmost seats accessible. You can access them in the traditional way of sliding either the left or right rear seat forward or you can make the middle seat disappear by folding it into the right hand side rear seat. This leaves a sizeable walkway to the rear seats, perfect for when your little ones are fast asleep in the back.

So the 6 + 1 moniker comes from the fact that their may only be 6 seats on show, the rear middle seat is optional.

So what about the rear most seats? Well they’re not the roomiest, any adults sitting in them for any length of time are likely to start feeling discomfort. The occupants of the second row of seats can make life better for the people in the rear most seats by sliding their seats forward. Ultimately the rear most seats are best suited to children for longer journeys. They also get a cup holder and some storage compartments as well.

The downside is that with all 6 (or 7) seats occupied there isn’t much room for luggage. It’s a compact 7 seater, where all 7 seats are intended for occasional use. With the rear most seats down you do have a fair amount of space to fill. The Grand C-Max is 144mm longer than it’s standard counterpart, which is enough to make a difference. If your a family of four with no intention of having more children then the Grand C-Max will more than live up to your driving needs.

Entering the rear seats is done through a sliding door mechanism. Sliding doors are very practical for getting bulky car seats or sleeping toddlers in and out of the car. The sliding door has an auto stopping mechanism to prevent it unexpectedly closing while the car is on a slope.

OK so it’s practical and relatively spacious but what’s it like to drive?

Like it’s 5 seater counterpart the Ford Grand C-Max doesn’t disappoint in this area. There are two sides to driving this practical family car, sedate trips with the family and on your own down a windy country lane.

As you’d expect the sedate trip is done in relative comfort for all the family. The softer suspension means that everyone feels the comfort of the car. But it’s when you drop off the kids that the real fun begins…

The Ford Grand C-Max has a Torque Vectoring System usually found on super cars. This clever piece of engineering sees the brake being ever so slightly applied to the front inside wheel in order to transfer the weight to the outside. This plants the car to the road hugging the bends as you drive, which is a nice feeling as you put the car through it’s limits on occasion.

The electrically assisted power steering means that you get to feel the road beneath the wheels, making you feel more in control. These two features alone make the C-Max pleasurable to drive.

So there you have it both practical and fun to drive all packed into a smart looking SUV.