20 Top Family Travel Blogs for 2015 – Get Inspired and Take Action!

get inspired by the best family travel blogs 2015Are you planning (or dreaming of) your next family traveling adventure? These blogs will give you great inspiration and travel tips for creating epic memories. From backpacking neo-hippies to luxury uber hipsters, they all generously share the best and the worst of globetrotting with their offspring. What better way to prep yourself for your next adventure than hands-on experiences from real parents? Make sure you read every “about” page of these sites, because their story before they took the traveling leap might sound very familiar….

So get right into it, here are (in no particular order!) the top moms and dads in the family traveling stratosphere:

2015 Top Blogs for Family Traveling

Walking on Travels


Keryn, mom of Dek and Ty, has a background in photography and journalism, which makes her blog read like a book, with amazing images of her travels and her kids in beautiful places. She also doesn’t shy away from showing the ugly and scary sides of traveling with your little ones, and offers amazing ways to cope with and avoid difficult situations on your journey.

Travel with Bender


This blog makes me jealous! This nomadic family travels everywhere and their pictures exude so much joy, it’s contagious 🙂 Not only do they share tips on locations and activities, but also on financing travel plans and how to create a lifestyle that makes it possible to stay abroad for longer periods with your kids.




For traveling inspiration I usually prefer personal travel blogs, but a good review site can be great if you wish to know details of a specific area or tourist attraction. Trekaroo is a great resource for that because it has many reviews from real people, and ensures you are well informed before you head out to your next destination.

Lajolla Mom


Katie Dillon writes about luxury vacations and give great tips and reviews on hotels, air lines and all sorts of great things to do and see with your children. She also offers practical advice on various traveling subjects like preparing kids for long flights and dealing with motion sickness.

Suitcases and Sippy Cups


As far as I am concerned, you are kick-ass parents for making traveling with four boys happen! They show us that being an “average middle class suburban family” (as they call themselves) does not mean you can’t live out your traveling dreams. They even have a whole page with a pep talk on how you can do this too!. The site is furthermore packed with tips, tutorials and reviews. No excuses left….

Family Travel


Family Travel is another less personal, more collective site with many articles on family traveling. It has so much content on every aspect you can imagine, you can definitely find anything specific that you’re looking for. And it’s also a great site if you do not have a clue about where you would like to go next.

Where’s Sharon


Sharon’s blog is perfect for the travel hackers that are taking their kids along. She shares numerous ways in which you are guaranteed to travel smarter and cheaper. She also gives advice on earning an online income that makes it possible to travel more, and keep working and/or earning while you are traveling. What an awesome mom!

Luxury Travel Mom


This mom creates a wonderful combination of luxury, kids and traveling. And she’s funny too! One moment she is rocking the good wines in France, the other moments she is on adventure in Rwanda. So how does she do it? Somewhere you’ll find the magic formula in her posts. Or just ask her, as she holds a weekly Ask KM round as well 🙂

Mother of all Trips


Mara has a great description of her blog as “part travelogue, part memoir, part meditation on motherhood, with just a dash of how-to”. She wrote The Family Traveler’s Handbook which is an amazing resource for anyone who plans to hit the road with their children.

Have Baby Will Travel


This blog shows anyone can travel, even new parents with young babies. You can find planning lists, baby-friendly locations and accomodations, and so much more. It is inspiring to see how far families take their babies, and how little babies actually need to feel safe and comfortable. Might prove far better to invest in a baby-friendly holiday than an expensive baby room.

Family Travel Magazine


Jodi offers a lot of practical information on traveling with children, as well as special offers and discounts for family trips. She also shares great money saving advice for booking tickets and vacations.

Flash Packer Family



This blog is another travel eye candy gem. The site is very well designed so you can find the information you want easy and fast. It’s divided in three categories: travel with kids (tips and advice), smart travel (save money and headaches) and destinations (inspiration and reviews). They share great resources like a beginner’s guide to family travel and 40 tips for traveling in Europe.




Erin is a super active mother, a travel writer, pr and social media strategist, whose travel blog has been featured in many top lists already. Along with four travel experts she handles topics like long road trips,kid-friendly attractions and events.

Globetrotting Mama


A super rich and mind blowing read-along journal from a family’s trip around the world, as well as many stories of other traveling families. No surprise as Heather was already a succesfull travel writer before they took their first long family trip. It has been celebrated by many travel media as a great resource, and will give you plenty different ideas for your journeys.

Family Adventure Project


This blog goes out of its way to show you the true gems of traveling, and goes beyond well known locations and activities for families to explore. It’s focused on unusual outdoors adventuring, and reads like a gust of fresh air. Good for motivation when you’re stuck behind your computer screen!

World Travel Family


Another inspiring journal of a travelling family that has been all over the world for two years. Along with great stories and information on many destinations, they also have a whole section on homeschooling while traveling. Very motivating if you’re planning to go for the long haul!

The Family without Borders


Very close-up and personal traveling diary of a family, with beautiful hip pictures. Started traveling with their first child, and the second was made along the way 🙂

Suitcases and Strollers


Suitcases & Strollers, founded by magazine editor Aimee Chan, is aimed at “ideas about family holidays that are culturally and intellectually stimulating for adults who love to travel – that can still be done with children.” They focus on more exotic destinations while still being able to provide everything for young children you need. The site offers a lot of practical information, including great handy checklists and guides.

We 3 Travel


Tamara is a marketing consultant and family vacation planning wizard. Her blog offers many tips, destination reviews and useful tools like sample itineraries.

Tick Nor Tribe


A big, BIG nomadic family that has been RV-ing for several years through the States, and shares everything you ever wanted to know about never ending road trips. Crazy and wonderful!

Happy Travel with Kids


In addition to the great travel experiences, reviews and travel tips, aussie Rebecca also provides very useful information on how to get the best deals, save money and plan your budget. Priceless (but for free online!).

Gone with Family


A great site with tips, reviews and stories of a super mom who decided she wants to show her girls the whole world. What an amazing mission, to give these girls those rich experiences so early in life. Go Lisa!


Wrapping Up

Looking through the hundreds of family travel sites, to choose my absolute 22 favorites (I was going for 20 but couldn’t drop the extra 2) was very, very difficult. There is so much quality out there, it’s incredibly inspiring how people share their experiences and knowledge in such detail for free. It made me really appreciate the time and effort some globetrotters put into helping other parents.

So I hope you enjoyed these journals as much as I do, and make sure to send them a high-five if they helped you out in some way!

Happy Journeys 🙂